Perl script for OPUS MSG base service.
This program is designed to service the OPUS MSG base. Sorting by date, renumbering, linking, deleting or moving old messages. Lastreads of all users will be preserved. It is for simple decoding of any UU and BASE64 encoded files.
The source file can be not only plain text, but also contain binary data. For example, it could be a message base file. All files encoded in it will be found and decoded. It is possible to set the name of the log file and then a report on decoded files will be generated. Since the program is focused on using primarily for Fido, that is, the ability to set the name of the echo conference. It will be reflected in the log file and the decoded files will be placed in a separate directory with this name. In addition, this program can independently check and download its own updates, but not apply them, leaving the decision to update to the system operator. This program is Ping robot designed accordingly FTS-5001.006 This is an extended implementation that allows the Ping response to be redirected through any password protcted link. Creates stat files from the binkd.log file.